My Wellness Journey

For me WELLNESS did not start with wanting to lose weight. I often share my before pics from my 20s & my after pics in my 40s. What I haven't really shown you was the time in between.
During that time, my life was filled with home building, the blessing of babies, and of all things .. panic attacks.
If you've ever had a panic attack, you know what I'm talking about. That sudden terror that strikes without warning. You feel weak, faint, your heart races, your hands go numb, and you feel an absolute loss of control. Coming from a place of complete independence, the first time it happened literally floored me.
My 20s had been spent trying one diet after another to lose weight. But those panic attacks ... they were the REAL catalyst for my change.
When I started my journey as a health & wellness coach, it was because I had been there .. done that .. & tried everything. But WELLNESS is about so much more than just losing 5 lbs. It's literally about shaping YOU from the inside out.
Wellness is a by product of taking care of YOUR needs, & slowing down enough to make yourself a priority.
Panic attacks affect about 6 million adults in the US. Women are twice as likely as men to develop them. Panic attacks SUCK, but they do not define you. Neither does being overweight, angry, tired, depressed, overwhelmed .. or the myriad of other things I know people are feeling.
It's about working with the things you CAN control. You remember my post earlier today about creating rituals that increase energy? I promise you .. it works! I am living proof.
If what I have posted today resonates with you, then join me. Let now be YOUR catalyst for change. Let's create a new ritual, together. ‪#‎createyourritual‬‪#‎joinmywelltribe‬

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