Ginger Thyme Honey and Paleo Muffins

Homemade gifts are always great to receive. But when they are made from plants, all the better. 

I made this care package recently for a family member. The muffins were baked using coconut flour, giving them a dense, brownie like consistency. I used THIS recipe for bread and instead baked them in muffin cups. 

Using local, raw honey I made a small container of Ginger Thyme Honey to go alongside them. Thyme & Ginger are both culinary & medicinal herbs that can help fight infection, warm the body & when added to honey can also sooth a sore throat. 

To make the infused honey, place a small amount in a double boiler over low heat. Be careful not to allow the temperature above 120 degrees or you risk killing the beneficial enzymes in the honey.  Add a small handful of fresh thyme and a few slices of fresh ginger.  Allow the honey to warm, give it a quick stir, then turn off the heat and let cool. The medicinal properties in the Thyme & Ginger will infuse into the honey. The taste is divine! 

For an added treat you could include a compound butter mixed with a bit of brown sugar, cardamom & cinnamon. 

So the next time a loved one needs a little TLC, make them a pot of Ginger Thyme Honey. It can be added to homemade baked goods, but also stirred into tea for soothing relief from a cold & sore throat.

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