Intuitive Nutrition Online Course

Intuitive Nutrition
We all want to present our best selves to the world. To be the best parent or spouse, and to make decisions within our family and career from a place of complete and total balance. But how often does that actually end up happening? Instead of waking up filled with energy to achieve your goals, do you instead wake every day physically and mentally drained? How does that play out in your day?

Are you able to accomplish all of your goals, or does stress, exhaustion, and other chronic health issues take over? And instead of making decisions from a place of balance, do you end up making them from a place of fear, frustration and overwhelming fatigue?

Mental and physical exhaustion have become an epidemic problem in this country, but also the New Normal. And the accumulated stress from trying to keep up with every part of our lives is taking a huge tole on our health. Over time, this impacts your life at every level. From the way you feel about yourself and others, to the decisions that you make every day.

What if you could wake up energized on a cellular level simply based 
on the choices you made every day? 

And what if that energy could translate into you going out into the world and being all that you were meant to be? I created Intuitive Nutrition because I truly believe that the foods we eat, the thoughts we think, and the rituals we create in our every day lives offer us enormous power and healing.

The Online Intuitive Nutrition course was designed to help you build your health from the ground up.
With each section being the equivalent of a one on one appointment with me -- a holistic nutritionist, clinical herbalist, and wellness coach.

Throughout the course, I walk with you every step of the way, helping you build knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle choices in key systems of the body that greatly impact your overall health and wellness.

Our journey begins by getting to the heart of the matter, identifying both your strengths as well as any areas you need to focus on during the course. With that knowledge in mind, the Roots of Wellness help establish daily rituals when it comes to meditation, exercise, and cultivating joy & creativity in your life. These 'Roots' are essential to help you live a life filled with purpose, and to establish a strong foundation for the nutritional changes to come.

Once those rituals are in place, you will then learn exactly what your body needs to build energy every day, allowing you to thrive on a cellular level. You’ll also learn the important roles that the digestive system & blood sugar balance play, and how these areas alone greatly impact every system of the body, leading to health issues such as insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, along with digestive complaints like gas, bloating, constipation & ulcers.

After that, you’ll build on that knowledge in the Nervous System, Detoxification System and Immune System sections, learning exactly how your nutritional and lifestyle choices correlate to health issues such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, along with allergies or having frequent colds and flu.

Within each section, you’ll be given specific lifestyle & nutritional recommendations to build health in that area, while also showing you how intricately linked each system of the body is to all the others.

This is important, because we all have a desire to make things happen quickly for ourselves. Whether it’s alleviating symptoms with a pill, or finding the latest quick fix on the market, we live in a society that wants relief now.

But there are no quick fixes when it comes to living your best life. 

Every year people spend thousands of dollars on medical expenses due to chronic health issues, or an equal amount of time and money dieting to reach an elusive magical number on the scale that never arrives. If this is you, then you’ve already learned there are no quick fixes.

This is exactly why I created Intuitive Nutrition. To help you get to the heart of why you make the decisions you do every day, and why those decisions may be keeping you from living your best life. Throughout this course, I help you create a new way of living and moving through the world — step by step, session by session, giving you time to not only build your knowledge about health & nutrition, but re-build your health at the same time.

I truly hope you will join me on this journey, because I don’t want one more day to go by that you aren’t thriving. For more information, check out the promo video as well as several preview videos I've provided in the course link below, and let’s get started Creating Your Rituals that lead to lasting change.