On Being Uniquely You

One of the important lessons I ever learned about my health came after eating Grilled Pepper Steak with Herb Butter.

It’s been over twenty years now, but I can still remember that day. Mostly because of how sick I was before then. As many do in their twenties, I had taken to trying every fad diet there was, and for years had settled on the notion that I was vegetarian.

Not so ironically, during this time I also struggled with chronic health and weight issues. It was a bit obsessive really how much I thought about food. I was constantly hungry, and always thinking about my next meal or snack. Nothing satisfied me.

The first time I tried this dish, it was after years of not eating meat. I had been working with a Naturopathic physician, and she suggested that I may have multiple food intolerances. She also suggested that I eliminate certain foods for a time, and bring others back in .. namely animal protein.

At the time I was an accomplished bread baker, growing my own yeast starter and grinding my own flour, so you can imagine what I thought of this idea.

Thankfully, I was also open minded enough to try just about anything to feel better, so I made a small pot of fresh herb butter (such a treat if you haven’t tried it), crushed the peppercorns for the steak rub, and dusted off the grill. After dinner I felt full and satisfied. It was astonishing really the difference. It was as if I had been living under a heavy blanket, and it had suddenly been lifted off. My brain woke up, and I immediately felt better. How could one meal make that much of a difference? That day changed everything for me.

Food became medicine. 

That one meal was the catalyst for a whole new way of looking at nutrition. I learned the specific foods that worked best for MY body. My chronic health issues resolved, and my weight stabilized to a healthy range where I felt strong and energized.

I share this journey not to tell you to eat a Grilled Pepper Steak with Herb Butter and everything in your life will magically resolve.

I actually consider my journey more of a cautionary tale, because you can literally spend YEARS of your life dealing with chronic health issues without ever fully realizing what your specific body needs to thrive.

As health symptoms pile up, you may find yourself taking multiple pharmaceutical medications to treat the symptoms of fatigue, digestive issues, blood sugar control, and the plethora of symptoms that can result when these systems of the body are not functioning optimally.

Here’s the bottom line, if what you are doing is not working, if you are not thriving, then it’s time to try something different. It’s time to learn what works for you.

The Intuitive Nutrition course was designed to build on all the knowledge learned in previous sections, while allowing you plenty of time to make changes in your own nutrition & lifestyle before moving on to the next section. In this way you are building your knowledge about health & wellness while re-building your health at the same time.

Health is a journey, and Intuitive Nutrition is the safe space you need to begin yours. Get started today, and Create Your Ritual that leads to lasting change.

For more info about the Online Intuitive Nutrition Course, check out the promo and preview videos in the course link below.