On Creating a QB Life

There’s this idea that in order to be healthy, you also have to be perfect every day. Coming from the experience of being a wife, a mom of three, and someone who is constantly challenging herself to grow & learn new things .. I know this isn’t true. It also isn’t a realistic way to live. But as a society, we often want to be given the exact formula for success. Do this one thing and your life, your health, or your weight will be perfect.

But no one is perfect. And your day isn’t going to be exactly how you planned it, regardless of your best intentions. However, you can learn the tools and knowledge to intuitively know how to work through any ‘dis-ease’ that comes into your day. To know exactly what your body needs to thrive, and to stay focused on the things that truly matter. The things you can control about your day.

As an avid cook, I’m often drawn to cultural cuisines. Before our trip to Italy several years ago, I dove into the Italian culture. If you come across enough Italian cookbooks, you’ll notice a notation ‘QB’ written alongside some ingredients, such as Olio d’oliva - QB or Aceto - QB.

It literally means ‘quanto basta’ or a quantity that you feel is enough, allowing you to choose as much as YOU think you need.

QB signals a freedom in cooking, providing room for growth & change within a recipe to fit your tastes, giving you the freedom to decide how little or how much you want to put into a dish. In doing so, eventually recipes aren’t even necessary. Instead you’ll be guided by your own likes, your own tastes, and your own intuition.

What if you gave yourself permission to do that in life? What if you decided every day how much was just enough -

* Comparing yourself to others - QB
* Stress - QB
* Sleep - QB
* Exercise - QB
* Social media - QB
* Electronics - QB
* Food - QB

Just enough saying yes to people, just enough interaction with others, just enough exercise, just enough sleep, just enough of - everything.

There isn’t a recipe to follow when it comes to your life, and how it unfolds. There’s just you creating daily rituals and habits that allow decisions to be made from a place of balance & stability.

Adding QB to every part of your day means you finally stop focusing on creating that ‘perfect’ recipe, and instead open yourself up to a world of possibilities and flavors. A life where you are guided by your own intuition when it comes to how you spend your day, and the foods you nourish your body with.

Life is not perfect, but it can be filled with a rhythm, grace and balance that allows you to choose just enough of everything you need to thrive - Mind, Body & Soul. What’s your ‘QB’ life look like? Create your safe space today and find out. For more info about the course, check out the promo and preview videos I've provide in the link below.