I made one of the best investments of my life when I purchased SaDonna’s wellness consultations in her Focused Health Package two years ago, and can honestly say that she has changed my life and the way I think about food and health. I then became a returning client for follows ups over the last two years since having begun with her amazingly thorough protocols.

When you have health problems that are exacerbated by certain trigger foods that might seem perfectly fine for others, it gets very depressing having to cut old favorite foods out, so I admit I was skeptical and hesitant at first. But SaDonna, with all her knowledge and reassuring words of wisdom, made me realize just how much foods can heal, and how focusing on the positive side of all the benefits of those foods that I can eat is much more important (and more fun!) than missing the ones that trigger my symptoms and recurring illnesses.

I actually thought I had a good sense of nutrition and eating well when I first came to SaDonna, but what I learned from her course was how to truly work with the best foods and nutrients for me to feel better. I was able to avoid going down the rabbit hole of strong prescription medicine that might have eliminated my symptoms temporarily, but not addressed the underlying issue.

All of SaDonna’s holistic wisdom benefited me so much in learning to take better care of myself for optimal energy: from inspiring me to grow my own herbs and vegetables — and the importance of using fresh herbs on my plate and in my teas — to understanding the important role the Mitochondria plays, and recommending many of her favorite writers on meditation and well-being.

She also drove home for me the critical importance of exercise and sweating out the excessive hormone overload that can weigh us down.

What SaDonna did was really make it all “click” finally for me, how the body and mind work together. But equally as important, beyond food, how we have to give ourselves a break now and then for self-care.

What is also truly special about SaDonna is that she is incredibly patient and listens. She does tailored research for every session for her protocols, and follows up with a thorough list of recommendations and caring feedback. She went above and beyond in trying to help me, and is a true joy to talk to! I’m thrilled she now has her Intuitive Nutrition Course online and highly recommend it.  - Molly


One of the things I appreciate about working with SaDonna is how she addressed my whole person. She’s not just a nutritionist, she also a friend who wants to see you take care of yourself so you can then give back out of abundance, and not just leftovers! After making just a few recommended adjustments to my nutrition, encouraging me to exercise daily (even just walking or yoga), and challenging my outlook on self care, I’ve had tremendous success, and have enjoyed the added energy to give to those who need me most. I’ve learned that I’m important too... I appreciate that more than anything! I could say so much more! She educates you well! - Annette


SaDonna has truly changed my eating habits, and how I look at herbal remedies and food. When my daughter was diagnosed with IBS, I was frustrated with the lack of answers and options we were getting from specialists. During our online Skype session SaDonna was friendly, but also focused on the job in front of her. Both my daughter and I had separate appointments with her, where she listened very carefully to everything we had to say. Prior to our appointments, she had done a lot of research based on the in depth questionnaire we each filled out, and then addressed each of our concerns, individually. She made several recommendations for simple changes to our eating habits, as well as gave specific types of foods and herbs we could add to help with our current health issues. I think the most impressive thing was the detail she went into when it came to recommending specific herbs for our health issues and energetics, even supplying direct links to trusted name brands which saved me from doing a lot of research on my own. Since our session, I have put her advice into practice and have had amazing success with it. My daughter's tummy issues have resolved, and she is feeling so much better. I would say that my entire family has benefited from our time spent with SaDonna. We are so thankful for her wisdom, eagerness and willingness to help us live fuller, healthier lives. - Jen